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Rockdale County 

30013 & 30094
Newton County 

30016 & 30054

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Here we go again....

The marketing team that represents Cycle Works Sanitation is back at their old tricks advising customers they are taking over Curbside Waste...this is FALSE!!!

We have an attorney representing us in this matter.  If anyone representing Cycle Works attempts to sway you from Curbside and asking you for money at your door please call our office immediately.  Be careful not to fall for this marketing ploy. 

Below is formation shared this time last year...

For those of you that are aware and to educate those that are not aware of a third party marketing firm that has been going door to door in Rockdale County to sign up customers for Cycle Works Sanitation we want to right track some information they have been sharing with residents.  Our intent is to bring you up to speed so you are not blindsided as we were about this news.

  • The #1 false statement being shared is that Curbside Waste Systems is going out of business - this is NOT true - we are still in business and going strong. 
  • ​The marketing individuals are NOT Curbside Waste Systems employees.

​Due to the unethical practices of this company we have filed a lawsuit against them and is available for you to review by clicking the red button labeled CSW.

There is nothing wrong with healthy competition, but this type of competition is far from that.  

​We hope you find this information helpful and should you have any questions/concerns please contact our office.

​We appreciate your business and support!