For those of you that are aware and to educate those that are not aware of the dilemma that has been unfolding for months with the convenience centers in Newton County we want to share the below events that have transpired.  Our intent is to bring you up to speed so you are not blindsided as we were about this news.

On January 5, 2017 it was brought to our attention by a concerned party that the Newton County Solid Waste Authority has contracted Advanced Disposal to operate the 11 Newton County Recycling Centers. Advanced Disposal will also be awarded a 5 year contract to be the primary collector of your curbside trash for all Newton County Residents if this contract is approved. Today Advanced does not offer residential service in Newton County that we are aware of.

We have learned through the Covington News that the price of this service that is being negotiated is $18-$20 per month, but the powers that be feel this is an extremely competitive price in the community.  Unfortunately this is not true and not competitive with our pricing. Another part of the plan that is important to understand is that  Advanced Disposal would be working with all the local haulers to coordinate routes amongst us to prevent multiple haulers in one area. This will take away your freedom to choose your preferred hauler at the price that fits your financial needs. An additional concern to be aware of is the size of the trucks that will be used.  Your local haulers today use smaller, single axel trucks that are less than 33,000 gvw which is about the size of a school bus. Larger Haulers typically use a larger tandem truck which is a 55,000 plus pound truck.  Imagine the damage these substantially larger trucks could do to our neighborhood streets and county roads compared to the smaller trucks your local haulers use today.

Please understand that at no time was Curbside Waste nor the other private haulers made aware of this plan. We have provided service for Newton County Residents for over 30 years and found out about this through the media….pretty disappointing.

We encourage you to call the Newton County Board of Commissioners at 678-625-1205 today and come out to the next Newton County Commissioners meeting held in the old courthouse on the first Thursday of Feb to let your voices be heard!  You can read all the latest in the Newton Citizen/Covington News Newspapers or online at website.  We will also provide regular updates on our website of the plan and any upcoming meetings.

Rest assured, Curbside Waste Systems will not sit idly by and allow this to take place.  We will do our best to put a stop to this plan so that we can continue to service our Newton County friends and neighbors.  Remember, you can help too by making a call to the Newton County Board of Commissioners at 678-625-1205 to just say NO to the Solid Waste Proposal!!

We thank you for your continued help, prayers and support!

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