Recycling coming later this year!

Details coming soon!

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 Welcome to Curbside Waste Systems!

We are a locally employee owned sanitation service provider with over 30 years experience servicing Rockdale and Newton Counties.

We pride ourselves in taking care of residential and small business accounts in our community and offer exceptional customer service. 

​We are open Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm and staffed with customer service agents available to take your call.

Please click on the Better Business Bureau icon to check our A+ rating along with any other sanitation providers you are considering to do business with.

Use caution when making your sanitation service provider selection as some have low, appealing sign up rates, but reel you in to an extended contract that increases drastically at the end of your term. This is not the way Curbside Waste does business.

Curbside Waste Systems is not affiliated with Advanced, Allied, All South, BFI, Cycle Works, Robertson, Republic, United or any other stock owned company.

Please visit our Solid Waste News page for urgent updates on a marketing ploy in your area..

Referral Program

For every customer referred receive  1 month free service when they sign up!

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We pay your garbage bill!
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July 4th Pick Up Schedule

  Mon 7/2 - Normal pick up

  Tues 7/3 - Normal pick up

  Wed 7/4 - Pick up Thurs

 (Have trash out by 5am Thursday)

  Thurs 7/5 - See below

   Fri 7/6 - Normal pick up

We are in the process of picking up Thursdays routes now - if you are NOT picked up today we will get you by lunchtime tomorrow.  SO sorry for the delay!